My DEAdly, beautiful city


A revealing postcard from a near dystopian future, MY DEADLY BEAUTIFUL CITY uncovers the hidden world of a Siberian Arctic industrial wasteland, and how a community’s unconditional love for its fractured surroundings protects its people from the reality they face.

Out now on new york times op-docs



Dir & Prod: Victoria Fiore

Photography : Alfredo de Juan

Editor : Florence Kennard & Victoria Fiore

Music : Envelope & Antwerp

Fixers & Researchers : Elena Chernyshova, Bec Sanderson, Claire Bracegirdle

Executive Producer at New York Times : Kathleen Lingo, Lindsay Crouse, Jason Spingarn-Koff

“A stunning, elegiac portrait of the arctic mining city of Norilsk, the eerie images are quite beautiful. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching a post apocalyptic film with flashbacks of a time long lost. These residents look beyond the health hazards and find beauty in the day to day living and appreciate even the smallest pieces of nature still in existence.” Scilla Andreen, CEO of IndieFlix
“Fiore’s landscape of ice ladened power plants and housebound children reveals the damaging impact of twenty first century exhaust. Her expertise as a visual storyteller shine. When filming resident doctor admit to the deadly effects of sulphur to local inhabitants, Fiore holds the shot for that extra uncomfortable beat. This is soon followed by a requiem for the extinction of the city’s vegetation as images of solitary dying trees are stunningly presented in the snow as though soldiers killed in action. “ Hodl You Horses Blog